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Food and drink craftsmen in Herefordshire combine old secrets and talents to make some of the country's best award-winning produce. Why not spend a day in the lovely countryside learning about the secrets of cider making or expanding your knowledge of British cheeses or even visit an award winning Oakchurch with farmers shop and their restaurant and coffee shop?


Frome Valley Vineyard


Their vineyard stands above the banks of the River Frome near Bishops Frome.
Surrounded by Herefordshire’s cider orchards and hop yards, it was established in the 1990s, just as English wine was starting to revive.

Every vineyard has its own distinctive character shaped by the location and soils. Here at Frome Valley, tucked into a curve of the river, they have a sheltered site and a gently sloping , clay loam soil which provides fertility and a rich balance of minerals for their vines.
Perfect place for all the nature and vine lovers.

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Family run farm shop & garden centre since 1970.

Oakchurch started as a ‘pick your own’ strawberry farm in the 1970’s; though they are still family-owned, they provide much more than our strawberries.

They offer the best of Herefordshire food and drink producers. Their garden centre is bursting with the finest plants to give life to your garden. Within their walls you will find everything you need, from filling the fridge to filling your wardrobe; they offer the very best in home and outdoor living.


Museum of Cider


Learn how apples were milled and pressed and how the resulting juice was fermented to produce either fine or 'farmhouse' cider: a centuries-old tradition still developing today.

The Museum of Cider aims to inspire and educate the public with regard to the past, present and future of the cider and perry industry by caring for and interpreting the material culture and heritage of the industry.

It also includes the support of the Arts in general for the benefit of the local community of Hereford

Westons Cider Mill


They are incredibly proud of their historic 17th century farmhouse and cider mill.

For over 140 years this has been a busy, working mill and we think that makes it even more exciting for visitors.

Based in the Herefordshire village of Much Marcle, they have a long family history of premium cider-making with their roots going back to 1880. Five Weston generations have worked with like-minded colleagues in the pursuit of their passion: creating authentic ciders that people will love.

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